Monday, February 4, 2013

Color to Dye

I've been wanting to dye my hair since like years. But, to be honest I still have no courage to do it. Well, people in my country mostly has black hair. So, it's kind of 'different' for us to dye the hair. Except, nowadays people seems to dyed their hair dark brown or dark red. Not that kind of bright color. But, what I want the most is pastel blue actually. But, because of this condition (plus my skin color is more brownie, I think I would look weird) I change my mind. I still want the blue somehow, but it will be darker. Like this picture below.

This dark blue hair is exactly what I want.

Another color I want is purple. And yep, like before, I do want the pastel purple color. But, like before too, I have no courage. So, below here is pretty much the purple color I want.

I really want this kind of hair too. Darker at top, and brighter at the bottom. This ombre is beautiful.

That's it. Hope I can dye my hair really soon. Bye!

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