Thursday, January 31, 2013

Medium Length Hairstyles

Since I have a not-so-long-yet-not-too-short hair, I can't classify my hair into medium length hair either. But, just say I have a medium short hair. My hair is naturally black. I really want to dye it blue tho. But, I still don't have enough courage. Plus, my mum and dad against it. Duh.Well, anyway I want to share various models of medium hairstyles.

Um, seems like this tittle post is Medium Length Hairstyles slash Medium Length Hairstyles I Want To Have. LOL. Anyway, just realized that all of the hairstyles have fringes. Because in my opinion, fringes can makes you look younger and lovely. Therefore,  I still keep my fringes till now^^


So I just made a look style in Polyvore, and turned out that this style is totally my favorite. It's more like everyday style, you know, simple yet charismatic (?) lol.
I kind of add some cuteness into this look. Look at the sweater and lollipop. Cute, eh? But still got the feeling (?) Beanies and sneakers are rocks! They're like, means to be together. Lol. But this style actually makes me sad. Because i have none of the items. I repeat, none. Not even the backpack. Not even the sneakers. Okay, I must say I still have a lollipop ._. But I only have flats and boots overall. Sigh, gonna grab a sneaker soon (I hope). Well, that's it for today. And, bye!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Still Rock With Dresses

I got these pictures from an online shop (I'm really sorry I forgot the name). I only saved the pictures so I can copy the style. Rocking gorgeous!

The point of this Rocking Gorgeous style is Black. Plus leather jacket and boots. Wear a dress, put a leather jacket and boots, then bam! You're rock! Spikes are also good for this. I really want to try these styles but I don't have the items for now. *sobs*.  Well then, I'm going to post another favorite style of mine later. Bye!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fashionable Kiddos

You guys know Suri Cruise right? She's like the most fashionable kids evaaaarr! Plus, she's so beautiful and lovely. Another plus, she choose her outfit herself. Wow, she knows about fashion since a little.

Meanwhile, out there, there are such fashionable kids as well. I don't know if they choose their outfit them self tho. But, I can guarantee that these babies looks really good in their clothes. They look cool and gorgeous and sassy and so on. Here's the pics i found on Pinterest.

Boys strike out!

Girls Power!

Cute yet gorgeous, right? Make me wanna have kids immediately! LOL xD