Thursday, January 31, 2013


So I just made a look style in Polyvore, and turned out that this style is totally my favorite. It's more like everyday style, you know, simple yet charismatic (?) lol.
I kind of add some cuteness into this look. Look at the sweater and lollipop. Cute, eh? But still got the feeling (?) Beanies and sneakers are rocks! They're like, means to be together. Lol. But this style actually makes me sad. Because i have none of the items. I repeat, none. Not even the backpack. Not even the sneakers. Okay, I must say I still have a lollipop ._. But I only have flats and boots overall. Sigh, gonna grab a sneaker soon (I hope). Well, that's it for today. And, bye!

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